Jenny Yanosik: A Day in the Life

As the communications resident at PL I find myself involved in lots of tasks around the office. Whether I'm helping set up for a meeting, emailing our partners or connecting on social media, there's always work to be done. Here's what a "typical" day looks like at People's Liberty, although I have learned to expect the unexpected here. 

A Day in the Life of a PL Resident:

8:30 am–Leave the house and head to Cake Rack to get pastries for a morning meeting

9:00 am–Set up the conference room for our meeting which includes: making coffee, getting waters, setting up plates and utensils

9:30am–Team meeting to discuss gallery launch, (name, logos, communication needs, design needs, food & drink, time & date

10:00am–Answer emails

10:30am–Work on promotions for the Haile Fellowship application

11:30am–Set up lunch for afternoon meeting by: getting delivery, make sure everything is there, getting waters, glasses and plates. 

12:00pm–Tuesday team meeting to talk about: current projects, philanthropic conference, etc., etc

1:00pm–Lunch on the market

1:45pm–Connect with potential grantees on social media

2:00pm–Draft monthly newsletter

2:30pm–Set up for afternoon meeting

3:00pm–Continue drafting monthly newsletter

4:00pm–Source supplies for upcoming event

5:00pm–Head home after a busy and rewarding day

Never a dull moment around here.



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