What an Awesome 3 Months!

Where we’ve been

My time here at People’s Liberty is coming to a close and what a time it has been. I’ve been to so many places and met many new faces in the past three months. Below are some of my favorite places and events we’ve been to.

Who We've Met

It’s hard to look back and remember all the places we’ve been, all the hurdles we’ve jumped, but I’ll never forget the people I’ve met. Some of the coolest people on the planet are:

The PL Full Time Staff
Jake, Aurore, Megan and Eric

Haile Fellows
Chris and Brandon

Resident and pin-maker extraordinaire

The crazy, cool, inspiring peeps we call
The PL Grantees

Cincy Stories founders
Shawn and Chris

PL’s favorite loiterer

Where We'll Go

My future is undetermined. But I know one thing for sure... once a Mad Philanthropist, always a Mad Philanthropist.

Peace out,


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