Lia Vissing: Month One Reflections

In the few years since graduating college, I learned that I’m drawn towards working with Philanthropic organizations. People’s Liberty has such a unique way of giving grants to people and, since working here, PL has really opened my eyes to more innovative ways of working. I find it astounding that one month has already gone by since my first day of working in the Globe Building. Even though it feels like I only started yesterday, it’s been an action packed, fun filled four weeks. There is never a shortage of things to do, or a dull moment while being at the office. Additionally, I can say that having Findlay Market at the doorstep is a dream. This team is so much fun to be a part of; I know that this experience will bring much inspiration and many new friendships!

In case you need a quote to live by, I can share one of my favorites: “Never trust a man who doesn’t trust his pants” -Kyle Mace.

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