Kyle Mace: Globe Gallery Transmission No. 2

A lot of my time is spent listening to music, often while doing something else. I'm listening to music on my drive to work, while working in the Globe Gallery, on my drive home from work and after I get home. My day is a mostly uninterrupted stream of music that really only ends if I'm reading. During this time there isn't a thing else going on; no talking, no Hulu and no music. It's just me and the book and occasionally a pen, but for the most part that's it. I'm an incurably slow reader too, but I think that's where the fun of it is. Anyhow, below is a list of some of my favorite books that I've read or re-read after hours in the two months that I've been working here at People's Liberty.

The Right Hand of Sleep , by John Wray

The Right Hand of Sleep, by John Wray


A Visit from the Goon Squad , by Jennifer Egan

A Visit from the Goon Squad, by Jennifer Egan

Death in Venice and Seven Other Stories , by Thomas Mann

Death in Venice and Seven Other Stories, by Thomas Mann

Motherless Brooklyn , by Jonathan Lethem

Motherless Brooklyn, by Jonathan Lethem

Tree of Smoke , by Denis Johnson

Tree of Smoke, by Denis Johnson

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