Christa Kaodi: Moving the Ceiling

MOVING THE CEILING [and other resident tasks]

I tend to thrive on information, tasks with end-goals, and activities that are creative and constant. People’s Liberty has offered all of these things, each with a reminder that process itself is a process. This is important as I’m discovering the many steps makers take to translate ideas into concrete projects.

Here are three things I’ve learned so far.

1. Drink out of a measuring cup.

    As a recent graduate I’ve spent a lot of time sitting at desks. I spent the greater part of four years at university in some combination of the same 5 rooms. While I welcome familiarity into my life, I also recognize the benefit of small moments of whimsy: like grantee Brandon Black drinking his water from a measuring cup. It’s a little silly, yes, but also somehow transformative. It’s looking at something and turning it into something else.

2. Get locked out.

    On a recent drive to cover the city in posters for our upcoming event, Globe in the Dark, I found myself in an unfortunate situation. I’m standing in the rain, the posters are in my car, and the doors are locked. In the hour it took for AAA to get me on the road again, I thought about productivity, and how an unexpected moment of isolation can be an improvised, mental workspace.

3. Move the ceiling when you have the chance to.

    During my first week as resident, we visited the Cincinnati Observatory in Mount Lookout Park. The dome ceiling is connected to a huge, vintage crank wheel. I was surprised at the opportunity to turn the wheel, and open the ceiling to let the sky in. So far, PL has been about seeing a range of opportunity, extending it, and somehow figuring out how to get your hands on it.  

Process is a process; I’m on step one.

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