Working Towards "Well-Traveled"

Happy April 20th y'all.

Today is the last day of my residency, time for a new young graphic designer to take my place. It's been a good four months! I got a chance to work on PL's 2017 Year in Review, Project Grant 7 promo, and a handful of other awesome projects. I met great people, went on some awesome Funday Fridays, and ate a ton of good food at Findlay Market. I've learned a lot and grown more confident in my design skills. PL taught me how to work productively in a fun, energetic work environment. All in all, a great way to spend 4 months.

If I had some advice to give a new resident it would be to try and plan for your next step early on in your residency so the good folks at People's Liberty can help you make your next move. This is easier said than done. A lot of us, myself included, find the future difficult to plan for, but to get the full value out of your PL residency it must be considered.

My second piece of advice would be to not pack your lunch everyday like I did and get out of the office and enjoy the food this area has to offer.

That's all the reflecting I feel like doing on this gorgeous Friday.

The teams' perfect years

The teams' perfect years

Jake had a thought provoking question for our team meeting a few weeks ago.

The question was: You've just had the perfect 2018. What is one word you would use to describe how you feel at the end of the year?

Our initials to the left of our answers. I'm the last one, my answer is “Well-Traveled".  My ideal 2018 would be spent stamping my passport and jumping hostel to hostel. It's not looking like I'll end 2018 well-traveled, but maybe 2019 will be my year? I'll keep working towards it. Until then I'll be here, in good ole Cincinnati, USA.

Once a Mad Philanthropist, always a Mad Philanthropist, now I'm just a Mad Philanthropist who had to give back their key. Oh well.

Peace, Love, People's Liberty

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