On Showing Up & Trying Again

6 months ago…

6 months ago, I started a seasonal job at a call center. After spending the previous 7 months unemployed, surrounded by books and unfinished poems, I was happy to have somewhere to be, a routine.

Many folks at the call center had spent their entire career there or at other companies doing similar work. Others of us were simply passing through, working toward a thing or waiting for a thing. Finding a way to get more engaged in Cincinnati was my thing. To do that, I wanted to work for an organization socially engaged in what was happening here.

Google searches led me to People’s Liberty. I’d volunteered for People’s Liberty Project Grantees Nancy Yerian and Kaia Goodwin while I was looking for work, but I knew I wanted to get more involved. I applied for the communications resident position for the summer of 2017, but didn’t get it. No biggie. I’d apply (read: try) again (*wink*) when the next residency period opened. 

And I got it!


Paisley and I clearly hard at work.

Paisley and I clearly hard at work.

I’m doing exactly what I thought I’d be doing. I’m helping share PL’s stories and the stories of our grantees. I’m meeting lots of new people. I’m making new friends. I’m learning a ton. I’m having a blast! 

At the start of this residency, a friend told me PL would teach me how to work. And he was right. For all the fun we have, we get a lot done. Borrowing their tactics for effectiveness will only aid in my development throughout this process.

It hasn’t quite hit me that I’ve already passed the halfway point. There’s still a healthy list of things I’d like to accomplish before the residency ends. Here’s to all the iceberg there is yet to discover.

6 months from now…

Who knows? Maybe I’ll finish school?

Ideally, I’m living a few miles closer to the city and continuing this work of engaging with and learning from its citizens. If I’m using writing to do that work, even better. 

Idk. Whatever is next, I’ve learned to stay the course and continue to show up. I’ve learned there is real value in trying again. Trying again with changed behaviors, of course. I’m not… mad (*wink*).


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