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Mad Work

Good news... we're accepting new members! During the first three months of membership in the Society of Mad Philanthropists, new recruits work as residents at People's Liberty. The residency is a full-time, paid position (i.e. Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm with occasional evening and weekend hours).

When new recruits (i.e. residents) are accepted into the Society, they're inducted into the Order of Most Excellent Storytellers and granted lifelong membership.

Mad Requirements

Note: Ideal candidates are doers/makers more so than thinkers/theorists.

Candidates for the Society of Mad Philanthropists are (or claim to be):

  • Storytellers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Writers
  • Photographers
  • Social Media Experts
  • Videographers

Candidates for the Society of Mad Philanthropists must possess:

  • Exceptional skills in their respective disciplines
  • An outstanding portfolio
  • Unsurpassed people skills
  • Supreme communication capabilities
  • An exacting eye for details

Mad Responsibilities

Residents with graphic design skills will:

  • Design print and web materials including posters, postcards, stickers, newsletters, buttons, name-tags, signage, banners, t-shirts, bourbon labels,  stencils, fanny packs, data reports, etc. 
  • Photograph and film events and outings to document and share.
  • Support People’s Liberty's Haile Fellows with film and photo documentation, project branding and tool development.
  • Design and build environmental signage for the Globe/Globe Storefront.

Residents with social media, writing and amazing people skills will:

  • Create and curate content to regularly share on People’s Liberty’s social media channels and blog.
  • Maintain a printed and digital archive of media/news articles.
  • Support fellows and grantees by documenting and sharing their projects, while developing unique ways to convene and connect People's Liberty alumni.

Anticipate Madness

During their first 3 months, members of the Order of the Most Excellent Storytellers will also:

  • Embrace the Society's 5 Mad Principles
  • Access one-on-one counsel with Society Masters
  • Master the art of saying a lot without saying much
  • Produce real-world, portfolio-ready work
  • Become well-acquainted with Cincinnati and Cincinnatians
  • Build a network within the Society and beyond
  • Anticipate More Madness

Mad Application

First things first, your name goes here *
First things first, your name goes here
Not sure what the Society's 5 Mad Principles are? Read about them on our About page.

Steps to Join the Society

Read carefully and monitor your status frequently:

  1. Research the Society of Mad Philanthropists on this website.
  2. Apply for membership (use the form above).
  3. Await the Society's response (no worries, it will be timely).
  4. If all goes well, meet with a member of the Peoplehood.
  5. Await the Society's response. (Don't worry; we're timely).
  6. If all goes well, work on a 10 hour project. (Yes, compensated).
  7. Await the Society's response (Yes, still timely).
  8. If all goes well, you'll be invited to join the Society.
  9. Be inducted into the Order of the Most Excellent Storytellers.
  10. Celebrate!

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