Mad Philanthropy

What exactly is philanthropy? Linguistically speaking, philanthropy traces its roots to Greek philanthropia meaning “love for humanity.” Today, the practice of philanthropy is most often associated with private entities that contribute to the public good i.e. foundations that fund non-profit organizations. You've likely noticed the names of philanthropists adorning university buildings and recreation centers, and in program booklets for cultural performances and end-of-year reports for non-profits.

At People's Liberty, a philanthropic lab in Cincinnati, Ohio we practice Mad Philanthropy. We believe that philanthropy is more than cutting checks; Mad Philanthropy is caring deeply, trying again (and again), risking freely, seeing differently and sharing openly.

You can be a Mad Philanthropist. In fact, if you've ever tutored an elementary student, donated to a Kickstarter campaign or helped improve your neighborhood, you're well on your way.

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